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When the mythical king of the Britons leads his knights on a quest for the Holy Grail, they face a wide array of horrors, including a persistent Black Knight, a three-headed giant, a cadre of shrubbery-challenged knights, the perilous Castle Anthrax, a killer rabbit, a house of virgins, and a handful of rude Frenchmen. Denmark The defeated German occupiers have retreated but have left a cruel parting gift — the beaches of the west coast of Denmark are studded with more than a million landmines.

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The British and Danish come up with a plan: use German prisoners of war, many of them teenage boys, to clear the beaches. This oppressively tense drama follows one squad of callow, terrified soldiers who have barely grown out of childhood and into their uniforms, and the Danish officer who grudgingly becomes their protector. A chef without a restaurant, Jake began cooking fifteen-course menus out of his apartment. The experience is unique: they present refined flavors while dirty dishes soak in their bedroom. A year later, they take out a lease on an abandoned chicken joint to open a real restaurant, 42 Grams.

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Clift plays a priest who hears the murder confession of church sexton O. Bound by the laws of the Confessional, Clift is unable to turn Hasse over to the police. As the clock ticks, we see two friends confront the toughest challenges of their lives. Every one of the 65, frames of the film is an oil painting, hand-painted by professional oil painters who traveled across the world to the Loving Vincent studios in Poland and Greece to be a part of the production. As remarkable as Vincent's brilliant paintings is his passionate and ill-fated life, and mysterious death.

The final effect is the interaction of the performance of the actors playing Vincent's famous portraits, and the performance of the painting animators, bringing these characters into the medium of paint. The couple moves around the country with their two sons -- young Harry Jonas Abry and his older teenage brother, Danny River Phoenix. On the verge of adulthood, Danny longs to set out on his own and live a more stable life, but he knows this could mean permanent separation from his family.

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Writer-director Michelangelo Antonioni's vision of lates America is on full display in this tale that mixes romance and revolution as it explores the love affair between a pot-smoking secretary Daria Halprin and a rebel seeking a cause Mark Frechette. Slice-of-life Bronx tale about a shy and lonely butcher looking for love, and possibly finding it with a not-too-glamorous and equally shy schoolteacher. A Best Picture winner. This acclaimed romantic drama follows the life of Marty Piletti Ernest Borgnine , a stout bachelor butcher who lives with his mother Esther Minciotti in the Bronx.

Always unlucky in love, Marty reluctantly goes out to a ballroom one night and meets a nice teacher named Clara Betsy Blair. Though Marty and Clara hit it off, his relatives discourage him from pursuing the relationship, and he must decide between his family's approval or a shot at finding romance. Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor star in this masterpiece of the classical Hollywood musical - filled with memorable songs, lavish routines and Kelly's fabulous song-and-dance number performed in the rain.

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A spoof of the turmoil that afflicted the movie industry in the late s when movies went from silent to sound. When two silent movie stars', Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, latest movie is made into a musical a chorus girl is brought in to dub Lina's speaking and singing. Don is on top of the world until Lina finds out. City Lights, the most cherished film by Charlie Chaplin, is also his ultimate Little Tramp chronicle. The writer-director-star achieved new levels of grace, in both physical comedy and dramatic poignancy, with this silent tale of a lovable vagrant falling for a young blind woman who sells flowers on the street a magical Virginia Cherrill and mistakes him for a millionaire.

Though this Depression-era smash was made after the advent of sound, Chaplin remained steadfast in his love for the expressive beauty of the pre-talkie form.

The result was the epitome of his art and the crowning achievement of silent comedy. Directed by Gabriel Axel and adapted from a story by Isak Dinesen, it is the lovingly layered tale of a French housekeeper with a mysterious past who brings quiet revolution in the form of one exquisite meal to a circle of starkly pious villagers in late nineteenth-century Denmark. British neo-noir thriller about the kidnapping of a young woman by two ex-convicts. Tired of churning out lightweight comedies, Hollywood director John L. After his producers point out that he knows nothing of hardship, Sullivan hits the road disguised as a hobo.

En route to enlightenment, he encounters a lovely but no-nonsense young woman Veronica Lake —and more trouble than he ever dreamed of. The legendary Lana Turner stars in this version of Fannie Hurst's emotionally charged drama, which chronicles two widows and their troubled daughters as they struggle to find true happiness amidst racial prejudice. The greatest change to happen to Native Americans in the last 50 years is the creation of legalized gaming on Indian reservations, a revolution that has made self-reliance a reality for many tribes.

James E. Billie, the man responsible for this revolution, born an outcast in the Florida swamps, is an alligator wrestler, warrior, poet, and leader of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. He took his people from welfare subsistence at the mercy of the federal government to being wealthy beyond their wildest imaginings.

This adaptation of the non-fiction novel by Tom Wolfe chronicles the first 15 years of America's space program. The film includes rare interviews with the subject and previously unreleased songs. On the last day of World War II in a small town somewhere in Poland, Polish exiles of war and the occupying Soviet forces confront the beginning of a new day and a new Poland. In this incendiary environment we find Home Army soldier Maciek Chelmicki, who has been ordered to assassinate an incoming commissar.

But a mistake stalls his progress and leads him to Krystyna, a beautiful barmaid who gives him a glimpse of what his life could be. Gorgeously photographed and brilliantly performed, Ashes and Diamonds masterfully interweaves the fate of a nation with that of one man, resulting in one of the most important Polish films of all time.

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An ex-con learns the value of friendship in Jerry Schatzberg's picaresque road movie: Trying to hitch a ride on a desolate California road, ex-con Max Hackman meets ex-sailor Lion Pacino. They are both headed east, as Max dreams of opening a deluxe car wash in Pittsburgh and Lion believes that the wife and child he left behind will still welcome him home.

The two decide to journey together, forging an increasingly deep yet uncertain friendship. When the pair hits Detroit, Max must decide if he should forge on alone or sacrifice his carefully guarded savings to help his friend. Goliath story of American immigrant Dr. Bennet Omalu, the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE, a football-related brain trauma, in a pro player and fought for the truth to be known. Omalu's emotional quest puts him at dangerous odds with one of the most powerful institutions in the world.

Shearer is a rising star ballerina torn between an idealistic composer and a ruthless impresario intent on perfection.

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Featuring outstanding performances, blazingly beautiful cinematography by Jack Cardiff, Oscar-winning sets and music, and an unforgettable, hallucinatory central dance sequence, this beloved classic, now dazzlingly restored, stands as an enthralling tribute to the life of the artist. Along the way, the two men, each running from his past, bond over their shared loneliness.

Wenders began the film without a script.

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Instead, there was a route that he had scouted out beforehand: through all of the little towns along the Wall that still contained a movie theater in this era of cinematic mass extinction. The old moving van with the film projectors in the back becomes a metaphor for the history of film—it is no coincidence that the film is dedicated to Fritz Lang.

Ground control has been receiving mysterious transmissions from the three remaining residents of the Solaris space station.

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When cosmonaut and psychologist Kris Kelvin is dispatched to investigate, he experiences the same strange phenomena that afflict the Solaris crew, sending him on a voyage into the darkest recesses of his consciousness. Written and directed by Matthew Brown, the biopic is the true story of friendship that forever changed mathematics. In , Srinivasa Ramanujan Patel , a self-taught Indian mathematics genius, traveled to Trinity College, Cambridge, where over the course of five years, forged a bond with his mentor, the brilliant and eccentric professor, G.

Hardy Jeremy Irons , and fought against prejudice to reveal his mathematic genius to the world. Seemingly off-the-cuff yet poetically constructed, these films are humane, sometimes wry, always engaging tributes to music, food, and all sorts of regionally specific delights. What happens when a dedicated husband and father quits his job, adopts the persona of a Western-Movie Singing Cowboy, takes on the entire art establishment including Christo and Andy Warhol , and refuses to accept money for his art?

Theirs is an older, rural style of Cajun music which Blank uses to weave together incidents in the lives of the Fontenot and Ardoin families. Director: Raoul Peck. In , James Baldwin wrote a letter to his literary agent describing his next project, "Remember This House.

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Now, in his incendiary new documentary, master filmmaker Raoul Peck envisions the book Baldwin never finished. It is a film that questions black representation in Hollywood and beyond. And, ultimately, by confronting the deeper connections between the lives and assassination of these three leaders, Baldwin and Peck have produced a work that challenges the very definition of what America stands for.