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  7. Note: Students must purchase through Perusall to access the book in Perusall. Students can purchase online using a credit card, or your university's bookstore can order access codes from Perusall for students to purchase at the bookstore. Activities for teaching using the whole language approach by Sam Ed Brown Book 2 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Gentle rain and loving sun : activities for developing a healthy self-concept in young children by Sam Ed Brown Book 8 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Activities to develop a healthy self-concept for preschool and kindergarten children are presented in this book.

    The stated purposes of the book are: 1 to discuss the development of a healthy self-concept in terms that will impact parents, teachers, counselors, and significant others; 2 to discuss ways in which parents, counselors, and teachers can promote a healthy self-concept in young children; and 3 to provide many practical activities that may be used by parents and teachers that may build on healthy self-concept.

    Part I focuses on developing self-concept. Working with the young child, teaching toward a self-concept, and mistakes often made with young children. In Part II these self-concept activities are presented: 10 activities in "belonging to a group"; 3 activities in "books about myself"; 14 activities in "building self-concept"; 4 activities in "cooking a self-concept"; 10 activities in "learning new body parts"; 15 activities in "dealing with emotions"; 11 activities in "I am special"; 17 activities in "individual preferences"; 6 activities in "learning names"; 11 activities in "learning responsibility"; 4 activities in "my family"; 15 activities in "self-concept and art"; and 12 activities in "self-identity.

    For grades K Dancing together will also release endorphins for a mood boost! Steady beat gives children the ability to walk effortlessly, speak expressively, read fluidly, and even ultimately regulate repeated motions such as riding a bicycle or brushing teeth. While young infants are learning how to control their movements, lap bounces allow them to feel a steady beat with their whole bodies.

    Older babies benefit from lap bounces as they work to keep their bodies upright while in motion, strengthening the core muscles. Parenting tip: Try this lap bounce from Kindermusik Home or make up one of your own. Playing instruments develops fine motor skills. Parenting tip: Provide baby-safe instruments for your child to play with in the car. Put on some favorite music and sing along! Parenting tip: Try this vocal play activity from Kindermusik Home during diaper changes or when sitting quietly together. This ability to detect and attend to sounds—and to distinguish between them—sets babies on the path to fine-tuned listening and receptive language.

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    Parenting tip: Go on a listening walk to hear the musical sounds found in nature. Point out the different sounds you hear together: birds, leaves moving in the breeze, dogs barking, etc.

    Gentle Rain and Loving Sun : Activities for Developing a Healthy Self-Concept in Young Children

    Dancing and moving to music supports cross-lateral movement, spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination, and eye tracking—foundational skills for reading. Parenting tip: Try holding your baby in different ways while you dance together. Participating in music activities in a group supports social and emotional development. When we sing, clap, bounce, or dance to a steady beat in a group with babies, these shared experiences of synchronous movement help form social bonds. Parenting tip: Invite friends and their children over for a musical play date.

    Not sure where to begin? Visit a Kindermusik class for free or ask about our new solutions for Parents as Teachers PAT , home-based programs and socialization groups. Listening to soothing music can help teach young children how to relax. In fact, our heartbeats actually synchronize with the music we hear. Added bonus: Children who know how to relax and self-soothe can be better sleepers. Parenting tip: Make a playlist of lullabies and add to the nightly routine to signal bedtime. Parenting tip: Try this activity from Kindermusik Home. Make up your own verses to mirror what you and your baby are doing.

    Parenting tip: Sing, dance, and make music with your child throughout the day! Everyone speaks music — young, old, all nationalities — through lyrics and through movement. Music truly is the universal language. As such, music is the one thing that parents all around the world can use to help them get through their day. Need a good starting point for turning your family taxi into a happening, happy music experience? Plus it helps block out the noise when your neighbor decides to mow the lawn in the middle of nap time. Sleep time can also be a great time to expose your child to a little Bach or Mozart as well as those beloved lullabies.

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    On a rainy day Music is like indoor sunshine on a rainy, dreary day. Depending on what kind of music you choose, music can be a quiet accompaniment for play time, inspiration for a parade around the house, or a giggly, happy way to dance the rainy day blues away. You can also take a video field trip without leaving the house. Before dinner It can be really tough to juggle making dinner and keeping a little one happy, especially towards the end of the day.

    Turn on some bright, happy music, get out some wooden spoons and plastic bowls, and let the concert begin!

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    Or maybe you decide to establish a little ritual to welcome Dad home each day by doing a little dance together — like the Jungle Hokey-Pokey! No matter how you choose to speak the language, music is the delightful common thread that binds hearts together, making memories that truly will last forever. Why Kindermusik? With an expansive music library, Home Materials, and rich resources for parents Did you grab your family taxi playlist or try the Jungle Hokey-Pokey yet?

    Find out more about Kindermusik at www. Want to take your children around the world? No passport required. No suitcases to pack.

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    Every culture has its own beautiful repertoire of rich folk songs, soothing lullabies, and happy dances that can be very appealing to young children. There are simple songs and chants that even young children can enjoy learning or hearing from you. In fact, our Kindermusik music library is full of these songs, rhymes, and chants from various countries and cultures. The more exposure a very young child has to other languages, both spoken and sung, the more receptive he or she will be to learning and speaking another language.

    Nearly every culture has some kind of a drum, shaker, or flute-like instrument, and most are easily curated. Give your little world travelers a sense of having gone around the world simply by introducing them to some of the instruments from around the world.