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Training programs will be taken by members of the Officer procurement team on campus Feb. Wil William liam William B. Fleming, officer in charge. Freshmen, sophomores and jun juniors iors juniors are eligible to join the Mat me Corps Platoon Leaders Class pro program gram program and prepare j for. All training is conducted during summer vaca vacations tions vacations at Quantieo. Students ate not required to at attend tend attend drill or miliiajry classes dur during ing during the school year!

The Post-Historical Middle Ages

Fleming said. Upon graduation from college. PLC members are! Louis H. The lunch luncheons eons luncheons will lw held ai the Huh and the lreshyterlan Student Center each day. Tickets may be pur chased ai the student religious centers on campus, or at the information booth across the strspt from the Hub. Tampa, will assist his younger brother by supervising pro cment urecment and training of student spea spea spea kers A former President of the Student Body, he is niembe: of Florida Blue Key.

Hall of Fame, and Alpha Tau Omega. McAliley will conduct research to determine the moer ai ceptable speaking presentation The post is a new one He will hear views of the administration, alumni as as-1 -1 as-1 sociation and other groups in an effort to channel speaking efforts. These outside earnings need , hot even be reported to the VA, he added.

Senator Humphrey unrounded 1? Student Aid Act of Proriding scholarships for gift gift;ed ;ed gift;ed high school students unable to attend college because of lack of funds, offer grants to institut instituttions tions instituttions of higher learning accepting such scholarship students to en eni i eni able them to expand facilities. GhWvt l'hoto by Vtard. The meeting was sponsored by the IT. Glenn L. Martin Co, and Northrop Aircraft Inc.

Classified as secret. Air police j checked the credentials of every everyone one everyone who sought to enter While being cleared to enter the meeting room and greet the delegates. President Reitz was overhard to quip.

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This is th first time I've had to get permission to attend one of my own conferences Purpose of the conference was to exchange new research and de de de velopment information on. Hugh L. Dr yd err. National Advisory Com mittee for Aeronautics director gave the keynote address on "lay "laying ing "laying the foundations for new fron frontiers tiers frontiers of speed and altitude of air aircraft craft aircraft and guided missiles," He explained that some veterans still confuse the Korean GT Bill with the original World War II GI Bill which did have an in income come income ceding' that applied to vet veterans erans veterans taking all types of training in school, on-the-jdb and on-the on-thefarm.

Rates for veterans in school full fulltime time fulltime under the Korean GI Bill are csllO a month with no dependents:. Crist, pio piofessor fessor piofessor of, geography ha. Crist will leave this month for Maracaibo. He will do research in cul- I'tural geography in the vicinity of ; Maracaibo and will lecture at Central University. Caracus: the University of ZuJia m Maracaibo. Union barber shop as well as - all over tow n. Bill Riony director of the Union, explained that tiie main reason , foi the pri that all the other barbers in town '.

Besides new equipment', the th. At present the bar bet shot is third in revenue producing for t the Union behind the guest rejoins and game rooms, but Rion ex expects pects expects it to move up to scroti 1 after alterations are completed The final reason which Rioh cit ed in stating that the. Board of Managers was justified in raising : the price of haircuts is.


Southern Construe ti'oii Company ,of Augusta Formal acceptance of the base bid is expected to be. Control at a meeting later in the month.

His broad intere-' is ultuia: g - g studies of. Under the auspices of the ]n ]n ]n stitute of International Education, the Guggenheim Foundation, the - Rockefeller Foundation and the. Andean -South Arne-wa and ;n tne. VVeil and Kaufman dis discussed cussed discussed the request that has been before thej commission;' for a ne.

To be used primarily for teaching purposes, it will run an estimated SIOO. OOO umd will be constructed it the University. Weil said that Kaufman was al also so also impressed with "the eonatru'. Plans wCre also discussed nt the ; meeting for a contemplated course to he taugrit at least partially 'rt Spanish.

The Beilin Slav will be followed by a t wot week lout of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on which tiie group! The' first j unit, on which construc construction' tion' construction' was.

Привет, мир! — ДС "КУНЧЭЭН"

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The Board also was concerned over certain pro-integration letters to the edi editor tor editor and editorials appearing in the FSU student newspaper. The Flambeau. Doak Campbell, Florida State pres presdent, dent, presdent, ws told by the Board to keep all edtorials and news stories about segrega segregaion ion segregaion out of the student papers.

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  • We still feel the increase is unjustified, re regardless gardless regardless of the so-called higher cost of living. And that aint bad. As one soon to enter the ad- vertislng prof?

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    FR of the field. As a studertt of advertising and publicity, h o wever, I know that that which is the most widely known is not necessarily the I best,, for. BSS, editorial office. Line X. Lina IS. Ed Johnson Business Mgr.


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