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With limiting PG ratings and scripts that have failed to recognise the streak of perversity that made the originals so much fun, they have often resembled cheap TV remakes, each as anonymous as the other. The pair discover an extravagant, secluded house that Annie immediately falls in love with and after agreeing on a deal with the owner Charlie Dennis Quaid , they move in.

But as the cogs speed up, something relatively miraculous happens: it actually starts to work.

Review: ‘The Intruder’ sets Dennis Quaid loose in gleefully unhinged form

The gender-swap keeps the same plot and thus neuters the trashy fun premise of watching female con artists do their thing against all-too-gullible men. The story, by default, becomes one about two female con artists who end up feeling bad about their trade and having second thoughts because of a cute boy and their "feelings. Anne Hathaway is a comic delight as she generally is when given the opportunity , and Rebel Wilson makes a fun foil, but they deserved a sharper and R-rated movie.

That's a merely okay 2. But while the film is a domestic miss for United Artist Releasing, it's become something of an overseas smash for Universal. That's not a queen's ransom, but it's a solid little performer in a summer where a lot of the preordained biggies are either struggling or hoping that they can survive the Disney onslaught.

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Sadly, relatively speaking, I'd argue it's another example of how that same overseas audience is doing the heavy lifting for these female-led studio flicks that we all claim to want but often ignore when they open in theaters. It's not a good movie, so I don't blame domestic audiences for not embracing it, but the irony still stands.

I've studied the film industry, both academically and informally, and with an emphasis in box office analysis, for nearly 30 years.

Charlie tells Anne that their new home is named after a flower called Foxglove. Alas, I had to stay because I was as devoted to this review as Charlie was to Foxglove. In fact, he keeps showing up to do things like mow the lawn, spy on the new tenants and yell at Scott whenever he tries to make alterations to the house he now owns.

Director Deon Taylor Reveals the Arduous Journey to Make ‘The Intruder’

Despite all this, what does Annie do? Charlie becomes more unhinged and even starts showing up unannounced inside the house. When that happens, Scott demands that Annie stop interacting with him. So help me God, she keeps letting the man in her house voluntarily. This destroys all suspension of disbelief.

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  4. Dennis Quaid is a fine actor but he does not give good psychopath.