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The three elements in man, according to Plato, correspond to the social classes of guardians, auxiliaries, and producers. These were not unlike Indian classes or priests, warriors, and merchant farmers, although Plato's classes served different functions.

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Individuals and societies are wise when the rational element prevails, as when sattva prevails in Indian thought. They are courageous because of the spirited element, and they are temperate when the rational element governs with the consent of the other two, producing balance and harmony. The Greeks wrestled with the problems of the divine nature and action in ways different from those of the Indians or Egyptians. In the Timaeus Plato proposed an account of the universe. The world came into being as a living creature endowed with soul and intelligence by the providence of God; the world is an image of what is eternal and true, a reflection of the changeless; the ultimate truth is God the creator.

This was a unitary view, though Christian theologians later found a foreshadowing of the Trinity in the Timaeus , even from its first verse, which simply said, "One, two, three, but where is the fourth of my guests? There was more triadism in Neoplatonic teachings of three primal hypostases, a favorite theme of Christian theologians.

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Plotinus claimed that earlier Greek philosophers had established three degrees of reality, the primary realities or hypostases. These three are in the very nature of things, and they are also in human nature, so that our individual soul is something divine, possessing intelligence, and perfect.

In popular Greek religion various gods were grouped together, as, for example, Demeter, Kore, and Dionysos.

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Demeter, the corn goddess Lat. Demeter's search for Persephone in the underworld was a vegetation myth represented in the Eleusinian mysteries under the symbol of the growing seed that assures a happy future life.

Dionysos was also a fertility god; his mystery flourished in the Hellenistic age when Christianity was expanding. The Etruscans had a triad of gods — Tinia, Uni, and Menerva — who presided over the destinies of towns and were identified by the Romans with their Capitoline triad of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva. In Rome the flamens priests or sacrificers were led by three major and twelve minor priests. The three major priests were the flamen Dialis of Jupiter , the flamen Martialis of Mars , and the flamen Quirinalis of Quirinus.

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These gods of the triad were invoked in formulas of devotion recited before battle, on receiving spoils, and when sanctifying treaties. Jupiter represented the sky-universe, like the celestial gods of Greece and India, and his priest was preeminent. Mars was the god of war, and months and festivals were named after him. Quirinus was a god of Sabine origin, but little is known of him except that his functions resembled those of Mars and his flamen formed the third of the threesome with those of Jupiter and Mars.

A great new temple was dedicated to the latter three on the Capitoline hill in Rome in bce, the first year of the republic; inside was a statue of Jupiter.

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Among the many gods of the ancient Western world, the clear examples of triads are found in Egypt and Mesopotamia. One reason for the concept of triads in Egypt, and no doubt in other lands, was the fusion of the cults of different places. When a victorious ruler brought several towns under his dominion, they would be subject to both political and religious control.

New gods encountered local deities whose worship could hardly be suppressed. A simple solution for the conqueror and his priests was to admit the gods of the vanquished into general worship, without giving them too much independence. Neighboring gods joined the principal deity, the patron of the city.

Thus at Heliopolis the local god Atum was joined with the lion pair Shu and Tefnut from the nearby town of Leontopolis. At Memphis there was a triad of Ptah, Sekhmet, and Nefertum. At Elephantine was a triad of Khnum, Sati, and Anukis. However different the gods might have been originally, the ancients regarded them as members of a divine family, taking the roles of father, mother, and son.

But the coincidence of different family relationships in the mythologies of the merging cults could cause confusion, as when the father became the son of his wife, or the mother the wife of her son. The most famous triadic divine family of ancient Egypt was that of Osiris, Isis, and their son Horus. Osiris was a very popular god, whose cult flourished throughout Egypt from prehistoric times. In the texts Osiris was said to have been killed by his brother Seth, though according to one tradition he was drowned.

The body of Osiris was divided into several parts and was sought and embalmed by his wife Isis, who became pregnant by the dead god. Isis gave birth to Horus, who avenged his father by killing Seth and reigning as successor to Osiris. This complicated mythology was recorded most clearly by Plutarch in the beginning century of the common era.

Fundamental to the myths of this divine triad were the death and resurrection of Osiris, his place as a nature god, and his role as a model for earthly rulers. These myths provided links with both gnostic and Christian teachings. Egyptian priests refined their ideas of the divine triads from early anthropomorphic myths to more abstract conceptions. Thus the god Ptah had two of his faculties, heart and tongue spirit and word , personified under the visible forms of the gods Horus and Thoth. Or the family associations became the union of three spiritual aspects of the same god: his supreme intelligence, active spirit, and creative word.

Or God was conceived of as three persons animated by the same will, like the founders of the towns of Thebes, Heliopolis, and Memphis. Re was the thinking head of this triad, Ptah its body, and Amun its invisible intelligence.

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This was not far from the Neoplatonic doctrines of a God who comprised intelligence, mind, and reason. The dialogue made me physically cringe - especially the male dialogue; men just don't talk like that! The poor editing was pretty distracting and having the characters all meet and fall in love with their "one true soul mates" annoyed me. The story itself, along with a long haul plane ride and the fact I'd paid for the book was what forced me to finish it.

The main prot This is the book where Harding lost me. The main protagonist Taren was another of Harding's perfect characters. She's brilliant, beautiful, well connected and seemingly holds some kind of power over all the bad guys because after a little speech about love and enlighnment or whatever they're all suddenly on her side. There as no character development which made her unrelatable. It was like she didn't really have to do anything to save the day, she just had to talk to everyone else until they fell into line. I didn't bother with the final instalment of this series as I just didn't care.

Mar 27, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: fav-authors , religion-n-spirituality , star-trek-n-scifi , vamps-n-fantasy. There are some authors whose next book you simply must read no matter what, because you enjoy their work and the way their minds work. Traci Harding is one of those authors. I've been a fan of her writing and her thinking for over a decade now fourteen-ish years? Traci Harding takes her rea There are some authors whose next book you simply must read no matter what, because you enjoy their work and the way their minds work. Traci Harding takes her readers on an amazing adventure that I hope will continue through many more books, stories, characters, countries, worlds and universes.

They were new characters yet felt like old friends - books two and three explained why that was, exactly. I actually squealed and couldn't stop smiling upon realising where these books were taking me. The ideas the author puts forth in her books really resonate with me and I do believe this trilogy will turn into go-to books for when I need a reminder about how magnificent our universe is and how amazing it is to be alive.

Five out of five stars for all three of the books! I just wanted to keep on reading and reading and reading, hoping the adventure would never end. Reading this trilogy was an amazing adventure and I very much look forward to re-visiting Taren's world and learning more about the amazing life she and her companions lead.

Jan 09, Laura rated it really liked it. My all time favourite Traci Harding series was the Ancient Future, and revisiting some of those characters whom I love was a real treat Traci Harding has once again quenched my thirst and I can only hope that another year goes by as quickly as , so I can be back here writing a review for the third book.

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Apr 26, Jalice rated it it was amazing Shelves: social-science-fiction. While I can see how others can criticize her work, I just love Traci Harding. Psychics and soul mates, time travel, incarnations and manifest intent, and of course sexual tension. Despite the fact that everyone is perfectly paired off and their super powers erh psychic powers are conveniently available for a level up whenever they need it. I still love the plot twists and characters and once I start one of her books, I can't put it down until it's finished.

More than that though, I love the spiritual concepts that she inserts throughout the story. Great fiction it is, but it also gets me thinking about the possibilities of physics and the cosmos. As an aside. While she keeps me on the edge of my seat, she doesn't resort as so many other thrilling authors do to graphic indulgence for the sake of it.

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I admire that about her work. Jan 01, Bron rated it liked it. I had liked the first book in this series, it didn't dwell very much on the Maelgwyn and Tori, but I was disappointed when I opened the book and the first thing I find out is that Avery is being told he's getting a visit from his parents. This book had way too much immortal story line and not enough of just the characters the book is meant to be about.