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Following a short period of time in which he worked in various positions at a settlement house and in small theater companies as both an actor and a writer, Golding became a schoolmaster at Bishop Wordsworth's School in Salisbury. During the Second World War he joined the Royal Navy and was involved in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck, after which he returned to Bishop Wordsworth's School, where he taught until the early s. In , Golding published his first novel, Lord of the Flies , which details the adventures of British schoolboys stranded on an island in the Pacific who descend into barbaric behavior.

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Although at first rejected by twenty-one different publishing houses, Golding's first novel became a surprise success. Forster declared Lord of the Flies the outstanding novel of its year, while Time and Tide called it "not only a first-rate adventure story but a parable of our times.

This novel deals with the last days of Neanderthal man. The Inheritors posits that the Cro-Magnon "fire-builders" triumphed over Neanderthal man as much by violence and deceit as by any natural superiority.

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His subsequent works include Pincher Martin , the story of a guilt-ridden naval officer who faces an agonizing death, Free Fall , and The Spire , each of which deals with the depravity of human nature. The Spire is an allegory concerning the protagonist's obsessive determination to build a cathedral spire regardless of the consequences.

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In addition to his novels and his early collection of poems, Golding published a play entitled The Brass Butterfly in and two collections of essays, The Hot Gates and A Moving Target These three novels portray life aboard a ship during the Napoleonic Wars. They had two children.

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Shortly after their marriage, Golding got a job as a schoolmaster. He was involved in various missions before the war ended.

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Golding returned home safe to start a normal life teaching Philosophy and English as before. In , nearly a decade later, Golding wrote a novel that was to become the reason for his success.

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He spent the rest of the years as a writer in residence at Hollins College in Virginia. Golding also wrote short fiction, plays and essays. He also authored a travel book.